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Grace, Mercy



I like to think of grace being one side of a coin and mercy being the other side of the same coin.

By definition, mercy would be “not getting what you deserve (on the negative or punishment side) and grace would be “getting what you do not deserve (on the positive or rewards side).

I knew an elderly lady for many years. I knew her for most of her life and almost all of mine. In all of that time, I never left her presence without feeling very special in some way. She just had the knack of taking you from where you are to some kind of higher plane. She was the most gracious person I have ever known and others who knew her say the same thing.

As believers, we have received both mercy and grace. Mercy has been extended to us by God in that we do not have to face the deserved penalty for our sin, which would be death. Grant C. Richison has put together a list of 33 things we have received at the time of salvation from God through his grace.

The mercy and grace we have received is tremendous and awesome! We can be extremely thankful for each part and for the total.

However, we should be more than just thankful for all we have been given. We should actually be giving it out to others. We can show others both mercy and grace as we go through our sojourn here on this earth. And the beautiful thing about giving this to others is the more we give out, the more God can pour into us. That alone ought to be reason enough to dish out mercy and grace by the shovelfuls.

I hope when I have left this earth and gone to heaven, someone can say I was one of the gracious people in their life.

Until next time, God bless (with mercy and lots of grace),


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