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Headlines You Just Can’t Make Up

• Mexico City residents aren’t happy with Americans who have moved to their city and made things more expensive, demanding they leave, the Los Angeles Times reported. The LA Times also reported that posters reading “New to the city? Working remotely? You’re a [expletive deleted] plague and the locals [expletive deleted] hate you. Leave.” were also recently posted around the city.

• According to Fox News, a “transgender woman” at a cheerleader camp in Texas had to be kicked out of the camp for allegedly attempting to choke one of the women. Fox News reports, “The incident took place at Ranger College, where police responded to a dispute between the members of the team, according to Facebook posts from team members. [The accused Averie Chanel] Medlock alleges that a teammate made transphobic and racist remarks before the altercation, with cell phone video showing other cheerleaders hiding in a room from an agitated Medlock.”

• Tom Cruise dropped out of a helicopter onto a mountaintop, apologized to a couple for interrupting their hike, said he liked their dog, then just cliff-jumped into the abyss.

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